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St. Barth


    Eden Rock Hotel

    From: Oetker Collection
    Eden Rock - St Barths has been a byword for style since suave Caribbean aviator and adventurer, Rémy de Haenen opened the hotel in the 50s. It was quickly established as the preferred bolthole for his many glamorous Hollywood friends; Greta Garbo and Howard Hughes adored the chic retreat. Rothschilds and Rockefellers were swiftly seduced b

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    Hotel Guanahani & Spa

    From: Leading Hotels
    In this heaven of tranquility, you will find serenity, luxury, intimacy, quietness and exquisite delight. The Guanahani offes sincere hospitality that you will feel as soon as you walk in and the friendly staff will attend to any of your whims. As a guest of this magical place, treat yourself to the relaxing atmosphere that prevails in this origina

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